Liquifly LQ1000 Deluxe

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    This seriously fun experiment uses air and water to power a slick black bottle rocket more than 30 metres into the atmosphere. Within two minutes
  • the Liquifly rocket is ready to launch - all you need is a windless day
  • an adult
  • a bike pump (included in this deluxe pack)
  • 1-3 litres of water and a fun-loving and inquisitive attitude.
    Liquifly works on the same principles as other rockets
  • with the energy from pressurised water and air. The action of pumping air into the bottle causes the water to become pressurised and once released
  • the water escaping through the nozzle creates the trust needed to launch the bottle sky-high!
    Learn about rockets and Newton's third law of motion that "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". This fantastic experiment perfectly combines physics with lots and lots of fun! The Liquifly Deluxe Kit contains:
    * Fins
    * Bottle
    * Foot pump
    * Low launch valve
    * High launch valve
    * 6m of launch hose
    * Release fittings
    * Instruction booklet
    * You will need: water & a regular bicycle pump
    Age guide: 8+ years (needs adult supervision)

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