3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Electric Guitar Pack - Black




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The 3rd Avenue Electric Guitar Starter Pack is the perfect choice for young aspiring musicians. With its 3/4 size, this pack is ideal for players aged 8 to 12 years old.

This guitar boasts a classic and timeless design, with a slightly smaller scale for comfortable play by younger players. The 22-fret neck, two single-coil pickups, and whammy bar provide versatility in tone, suitable for any playing style.

The pack includes a 10-watt amplifier ideal for home practice, with a simple volume control knob and the ability to use headphones for quiet playing. The amplifier also has tone knobs to adjust the brightness of the sound and an overdrive switch for added grit.

Additionally, the pack comes with a gig bag for convenient transportation, extra strings, a capo, a guitar stand & strap, plectrums, and a cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier. Everything a beginner needs is included in this comprehensive starter pack.


- Classic ST Style Electric Guitar with Accessory Bundle
- Single Coil Pickups, Tone and Volume Controls
- Rosewood Fretboard with White Scratch Plate
- Materials: Popel, Redwood, Maple & Nickel
- Right-Hand Orientation
- Perfect for 8 to 12-year-olds (3/4 size)
- Ideal for Beginners and Students


- 10W amp
- Tripod Stand
- Capo
- Strap
- Picks
- Spare Strings
- Cable and Whammy Bar

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