3rd Avenue Bass Guitar Pack




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The 3rd Avenue Bass Guitar boasts an iconic P-Style design and versatility for all music genres. It features a glossy black finish with a white PVC scratch plate and covered pickups for a sleek modern look. The pack includes a 15-watt amplifier ideal for both bedroom practice and performance, with a headphone socket for silent rehearsals. Essential accessories like a gig bag, cable, strap, extra strings, and stand are also included for easy transport, storage, and playing.


- 4-String electric bass guitar
- P-Style design with a C shape neck
- Single coil split pick-up
- Full 4/4 size bass guitar
- Includes a slimline 15w practice amp
- Gig bag
- Spare strings
- Cable to connect the guitar and amp
- Guitar strap
- Guitar stand

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