4 in 1 Transforming Solar Robot Kit

SKU: KJ8965



  • The basis of this kit is two moulded 'frames' of component parts reminiscent of a plastic model aeroplane kit - about 50 parts! It also has a small (40 x 25mm) solar panel
  • a tiny electric motor
  • gears
  • pinions
  • etc. It also includes decals. It can 'transform' between a T-Rex or Rhino beetle with moving legs and jaw
  • Robot with walking legs and moving wheels
  • and a futuristic miners drilling machine with moving drilling bit and wheels. You will probably need a small diagonal pliers to cut out and de-flash all the plastic parts from the frame.

    • Robot stands about 100mm tall
    • Detailed 34 page assembly manual is also included
    • Recommended for ages 8+

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