5x Handheld Loupe Magnifier With LED Illumination

SKU: X0432



  • Experience relief from eye strain whilst trying to read fine print or identify PCB track problems. This illuminated surface magnifying loupe offers 5x magnification through its 77mm lens. The case is manufactured from sturdy aluminium and is built to last
  • even with regular use! For a crisp
  • clear view
  • three white LEDs are provided. Power for these is provided by an internal lithium battery cell which is recharged by micro USB. Package includes magnifier
  • zip up carry case
  • micro fibre cleaning cloth and USB charging lead.

    Great For:

    • Small electronics / mechanical inspection
    • Reading fine print / diagrams / schematics / maps
    • Stamp collectors / instrument makers / jewellers
    • Any other job that requires fine detail to be clearly visible

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