Lenoxx 6 Volt 3 Wheel Motorcycle

SKU: 90313



Professional racer? Police officer? The story is theirs, but the choice is yours.

Choose the ease of a rechargeable 6-volt battery, the safety of a maximum speed of 3 km/h and an excellent range of colours including a luminous blue, raging red or sleek black exterior.

Bring their imagination to life with glowing headlights, sirens and exciting driving tunes at the click of a button.

An easy-to-access storage solution sits right behind the rider, so their favourite toy or juice box can never get too far away.

Whether it’s a quest to arrest the household cat, or a rolling adventure down the backyard hill, this ride-on motorcycle is ready to bring your little ones’ imaginations to life, for some time to come.


• Battery: Rechargeable 6-Volt

• Speed: 3km/h

• Ages: 2-6

• Maximum Capacity: 25kg

• Colours: Red, Blue or Black

• Measurements: 80cm x 52cm x 36cm

• Weight: 4.15kgs

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