Abacus Prof Maxwell's VR Junior Chef



Let's head into the kitchen to explore 24 delicious recipes while discovering the science behind food with Professor Maxwell's VR Junior Chef! Create healthy and nutritious meals and snacks while investigating the science behind the ingredients! Make muffins while learning about gluten! Discover the power of yeast with a delicious pizza! Uncover why do bananas turn brown, and even see how photosynthesis plays a role in making maple syrup while making French toast! Professor Maxwell comes alive on the book to walk through step by step recipes in lessons in augmented reality, then use the included goggles to teleport into his lab for a lesson in virtual reality! This 25 piece set includes everything you need to start cooking and baking right out of the box. There's a lesson behind every bite in this STEM cooking kit for kids, with recipes that you'll retain for life!

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