Aquacraft Bristol Trawler R/C Boat

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The Bristol Trawler RTR is a fully assembled model of a typical European fishing trawler. This model, with factory-installed drive system, radio control components, and 2.4 GHz Tactic TTX491 transmitter comes ready to run. With sturdy fibreglass hull, detailed wooden decking and superstructure, it will also stand up to choppy waters. Insert both masts into the deck, connect the shroud tensioners, and she's ready to sail! Sailing at night is made easy by pre-installed, functioning work and navigation lights, which can be switched on and off. Running at half-throttle lends the boat a realistic appearance on the water and also considerably prolongs the running time. The powerful electric motor, LiPo-compatible ESC and metal propeller produce more than enough speed to quickly avoid collisions with other boats when necessary. The included wooden stand allows you to present your model attractively at home. Technical specification: Hull Length: 851mm Overall Height: 737mm Beam: 222mm Total Weight: 3175g Scale: 1:28 R/C functions: - Rudder, motor speed forward/reverse Required accessories: - 3S 11.1V 2200mAh LiPo drive battery - LiPo AC/DC charger - 6 (type AA) Batteries, for powering the transmitter and model lighting system Features: - Sturdy fibreglass hull - Fitted LED lighting system Includes - High quality painted fibreglass hull with wooden decking - Removable wooden bridge superstructure - Easily fitted fibreglass masts including side-trawling nets and rigging - 550-size drive motor - LiPo-compatible ESC with reverse function - Factory-fitted hardware - Realistic metal propeller - Navigation and work lighting with separate switches - Fully pre-installed 2.4 GHz TTX491 Tactic radio control system .

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