Canon Matt Photo Paper 10cm/15cm 120 Sheets

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CMP101 Matte Photo Paper's finish is designed to not show those pesky lighting reflections or fingerprints you often see on glossy prints. With less dynamic range and contrast of colors than all of the other photo papers. Great for scrapbooking projects, bulletin boards, cards and invitations. Use with Genuine Canon Photo Inks for true photo-quality output. Ideal for printing projects that are heavy in typography, have definitive shapes, or have a high contrast of black and white. Designed to help your colors stay in place and to be less susceptible to spreading and mixing, also known as "bleeding," delivering a more crisp and vivid picture. For superb photo results, matte finish, heavy-weight paper is ideal. This bright white paper will infuse your images with remarkably vibrant color, every time.

Printing papers are commonly ranked on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the brightest option. The brighter and whiter your paper is the lighter your prints will be; a duller paper will produce more muted tones/darker images.
This paper's brightness is 100/100.

Weight refers to the durability of your paper and the amount of ink it is designed to hold without compromising the integrity of the document. Thinner/Lighter is ideal for quick prints, typography, rough drafts, etc. Thicker/Heavier is more commonly found in papers meant for photos, scrapbooking, crafts, etc. Normal everyday copy paper is 80gsm, very heavy thick glossy paper is 300gsm.
This paper is 170gsm

Genuine Canon paper comes in many sizes to suit various projects and applications, from 10cmx15cm photo size for printing photos, to A3+ for printing photos.
This paper's size is 10cm/15cm

Pack size is 120 sheets.

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