Chameleon Shading Marker 4 Pcs

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The Chameleon Kidz shading marker set is intended for children from 6 years of age. Thanks to its small packaging, it is also suitable for creating on the go. The ink used is non-toxic, water-soluble and washable from ordinary textiles. The package also includes airbrush tool that turns every marker into colour blending airbrushes. Working with markers is very simple, all markers can be combined with each other and get new color shades:1. select 2 markers between which you want to combine colors,2. a special mixing chamber is placed on both tips, one tip on each side of the chamber - on the bottom side a marker with which it will be written, on the upper side a marker from which the paint will be sucked for mixing,3. the markers are held in a vertical position, according to the arrows on the mixing chamber, the tips are rotated and they come closer to each other with a slight pressure, the colors are mixed, the upper marker is sucked into the lower one from the upper marker,4. according to the length of the contact, more or less colors are sucked into the lower marker, with which it can then start drawing - first the color from the second marker is consumed, which gradually decreases and the color of the lower marker begins to show more, the color transition is very effective.The package contain of 4 Chameleon Kidz markers, 2 mixing chambers,3 Chameleon magic reveal posters, 2 Chameleon stencils, 1 Chameleon Kidz™ airbrush.Art Tools: Shading MarkerColour: MixVariant: 4 pcsPackage Quantity (pcs): 4Made in: China.

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