DOUBLE EAGLE 1:20 RC Dump Truck

SKU: 520003



  • A remote control dump truck that is just like a real one
  • with simulated sounds and lights
  • controlled dumping action
  • four wheel drive and demo functions. Truck measures approx 34.5cm in length. A great addition to any child's collection of construction or building vehicles. Features:
    • Truck can go forward
    • reverse
    • turn right and left
    • raise and lower the bed
    • Multi directional radio control
    • Demo operation
    • Dump goes up and down
    • Remote controlled unloading
    • Auto off
    • Simulated sounds
    • High simulated lamps
    • Four wheel drive
    • Forward/backward
    • Turn left/right
    • Includes lights and sounds
    • Includes rechargeable batteries"
    **Suitable for ages 6 & up

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