Hordes Minions Bundle



These items have been heavily discounted for this bundle, as they are old stock. Most boxes will have some marks on them.

Items are sold as a bundle.


1x Minions Meat Thresher - PIP75055

1x Minions Barnabas, Lord of Blood - PIP75074

1x Minions War Hog - PIP75029

1x Minions Sacral Vault - PIP75054

1x Minions Primal Archon - PIP75087

1x Minions Bog Trog Mist Speaker - PIP75073

1x Minions Farrow Brigand Warlord - PIP75060

2x Minions Kwaak Slickspin & Gub - PIP75080

1x Minions Dr. Arkadius - PIP75028

1x Minions Swamp Gobber Chef - PIP75070

1x Minions Underchief Mire - PIP75086

1x Minions Efaarit Scouts - PIP75052

1x Minions Faction Dice 

1x Minions Token Set - PIP91129 

1x Minions Template Set - PIP91141

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