HUION A4 LED Light Pad Tracing Light Box Adjustable Brightness AC Powered - 12.2x8.27 Inch

SKU: 6930444800017




- Eyesight-protected Technology - Brightness 4480 Lux; Illuminate Uniformity 1360 CD/ m2. The BRIGHTEST light table Huion offers; Super bright LED lamps provides a perfectly even illuminated surface, gives you a brighter clearer visual experience for tracing.

- AC Powered - Connects with a 6.56 feet power plug directly from the wall outlet, ensures you have a brighter, more stable work surface.

- Stepless Adjustable Brightness - Smart brightness memorization allows you to control the LED light freely and effectively; Gradual light changing, NOT in steps like low, medium, and high, simply a better way to find your ideal lighting

- Scale Design - With sleek lines and a thin profile at 8mm, the Huion A4 tracing light pad adds style to your workspace.

- Wide Usage - Can be used for Negative Film Viewing, Artwork Tracing, Calligraphy, Scrapbooking, Tattoo Transferring, Sewing Projects, X-ray Film Viewing and more; One year warranty.

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