IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp Micro Guitar Amp



IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp Red

The IK Multimedia iRig Nano Amp in Red is a pocket-sized guitar amp designed for use with your compatible iOS device and the AmpliTube app (sold separately). This compact amp is ultra-portable and is powered by 4 AA batteries allowing to jam almost anywhere! This Nano Amp features the iRig circuitry so you can plug your iPhone or iPad into it with the included TRRS cable and tap into the limitless world of AmpliTube guitar tone and more on your iPhone and iPad. What makes the iRig Nano Amp in Red so unique is that you can operate it in two different modes: AMP & DEVICE. In AMP mode it’s a standalone amp for impromptu practice anywhere. In DEVICE mode you use it as an interface and amp for your iOS device. Plus, in both modes, you can use the built-in speaker or hook up an external speaker cabinet — up to a 4x12" cab — for more volume and tonal clarity. iRig Nano Amp is the most versatile, feature-rich micro amp in the market and provides you with outstanding value and performance.

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