IRODA 30W Lithium Soldering Iron Kit

SKU: T2694



  • This Iroda Solder Pro 25 offers 30 Watts of soldering power from a lithium battery. Providing for up to 35 minutes use from a single charge (3.5hr recharge time from any USB mains or car charger). Great for handyman use or those quick repair jobs. Kit includes three tips (fine point
  • conical and chisel)
  • stand
  • solder
  • sponge and charging cable. Max temp 600°C.
    Kit contains:
    Soldering iron
    Iron cap
    Tips: fine point
  • chisel and hot knife
    Packaged in plastic case with EVA tray
    Charge using micro USB cable
    Supplied with stand
    Tip cleaning sponge
    Tube of Solder
    Light duty 30W for general purpose soldering
    Charging time 3.5 hours
    One charge provides 35min continuous use
    LED illumination of your application
    Max. temp: 600°C
    Reaches work temp 420°C in 8 seconds

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