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Easy to use, crafted with a clear HD screen, and integrated with a cutting-edge lighting system, the Kobo Clara HD eReader is a great choice for the modern book lover. It also comes with 512MB RAM to handle demanding content with ease.

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The Right Light

The Kobo Clara HD eReader comes with ComfortLight PRO for optimal lighting while reading. This adaptive light setup gradually softens itself and reduces blue light as day turns to night to let you comfortably read without affecting sleep.


Large Display

Equipped with a clear and high-resolution 6-inch Carta E-Ink touchscreen, the Clara HD eReader provides a natural and print-quality reading experience. Its 300PPI design helps keep text crisp and easy to read.


Internal Storage

Built with 8GB of onboard memory, this Kobo eReader has plenty of space (up to 6000 eBooks), ideal for storing large virtual libraries. This ample storage capacity lets you easily open and read different kinds of books from various authors.


Wired and Wireless Connections

Made with a micro-USB port and including a USB cable, the Clara eReader can be quickly connected to other devices or recharged via USB. It also comes with WiFi connectivity for easy access to your home or office wireless network.

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