LENOXX 9 Inch Swivel Portable DVD Player




  • Experience 180-degrees of movement for a viewing experience tailored to you with the Lennox 9” PDVD800 DVD Player.
    In a single
  • smooth action you can convert your device from its standard
  • upright position
  • to an easily-portable
  • tablet-style view with the 9” Portable Swivel DVD Player. Its huge range of movement makes entertainment on those longer trips an easy
  • personalised experience every time. Simply swivel it to the direction of your choosing to avoid craning necks
  • and those back-seat squabbles between passengers.
    On its wide
  • 9” LCD display
  • you can enjoy your own collection of film
  • music and images
  • and compatibility with a broad range of film and music formats. Its region-free disc support allows you to enjoy your full collection of DVDs
  • no matter where you travelled to purchase them. Your digital library can also be explored with its USB interface and built-in SD/MMC card slot.
    Plug in your headphones with an accessible 3.5mm jack
  • or enjoy 2
  • powerful 1.5 watt speakers to enjoy it out loud. Controlling your portable DVD unit is simple with both AV and car adapters
  • as well as a remote control to fit your environment. Its high-powered
  • built in battery is fully-rechargeable
  • and retains its power for 2 hours without charge.

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