LG 24" FHD Gaming Monitor

SKU: 24GL600FB



This LG UltraGear Gaming Monitor is designed to deliver clear, high-quality visuals while you game. With a rapid 1 ms response time and a 1444 Hz refresh rate, you can respond to action on screen without delay and enjoy smooth visuals. The monitor features Black Stabiliser, helping improve visibility in dark scenes, giving you an edge over your opponents in competitive games.

  • The monitor screen measures 23.6 inches (59.8 cm) across.
  • It has a rapid 1 ms response time with a 144 Hz refresh rate.
  • You can mount it to monitor arms with a 100 x 100 mm VESA mount.
  • For a superior viewing angle, this gaming monitor can be tilted.
  • There is a headphone jack for connecting audio.
  • The monitor is specifically designed for gaming, with a customised gaming mode that can be set easily.
  • The monitor features Smart Energy Saving technology for added efficiency.
  • The monitor has two HDMI connections as well as a single DisplayPort connection.
  • With Radeon FreeSync technology, you can enjoy smooth motion without stuttering or tearing.
  • There is a crosshair feature for games that require shooting or targeting for added accuracy.
  • It comes with a 3 year warranty for your peace of mind.
  • In the box with the monitor is stand, power adapter and cable, instruction manual and disk and an HDMI cable.

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