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HANGING GALILEO’S THERMOMETER | 48CM Modern day thermometers are boring! See the science behind the daily temperatures you take for granted. Based on principle of buoyancy and density, discovered by “the father of modern physics” Galileo Galilei, this thermometer is a great scientific tool for those with inquisitive minds. The glass tube is filled with paraffin liquid and baubles with inscribed temperatures. As the temperature of the liquid rises or falls, so too does the density causing the baubles to move. As the temperature of the paraffin falls and becomes denser, the baubles rise. Each bauble is carefully weighted so that they will swap from floating to sinking at a particular temperature, giving you a temperature reading. Great for geeks! FEATURES Great science experiment Suitable for Outdoors and Indoors Hook for hanging Looks great! 17th century design No power required Awesome gift idea SPECIFICATIONS Material (outer): Hand blown glass Contains 10 balls Reads between temperatures of 16 and 32 degrees Celsius Instructions included Ages 12+ Dimensions (packaging): 42cm x 17cm x 9cm.

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