Pluginz Licensed Marshall Silver Jubilee Jack Rack




The Marshall Silver Jubilee Jack Rack comes with a sleek upgraded finish, comprising of a real amp, 4 Marshall guitar plug keychains, and 1 wall mounting kit with hardware to help you hang your keys like a rockstar!

Features a realistic amp texture, chrome mirror metal faceplate, actual black amp fret, real rubber piping, and a built-in amp handle. It uses real amplifier inputs and real guitar plugs as keychains. The authentic white Marshall logo is also displayed along the front. 


- 4x Marshall guitar plug keychains                                                                                     
- 1x Wall mounting bracket                                                                                                   
- 1x Wall mounting hardware kit

Dimensions: Width: 20.3cm, Height: 7.6cm, Depth: 3.8cm

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