Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Rock Ripper Truck - 2.4GHz



Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Rock Ripper Truck with 2.4GHz is an awesome battery operated RC Truck for Kids

Rusco Racing RC Trucks have high quality builds at affordable prices, your kids will love taking this RC 1:16 Rock Ripper Truck outside. The best thing about this Sand Ripper is its 2.4GHz frequency which means this truck can be raced against multiple other RC's straight out of the box.

This Rock Ripper RC Trucks runs on AA batteries, included in the pack and is ready to run out of the box. To save on batteries, use good quality rechargeable AA's and your child's RC can run non stop for hours.

Features :

  • The off-road body can handle rough terrain.
  • 2.4GHz frequency means you can buy multiple RC Trucks and they will race against each other with no issues.
  • AA batteries are included in the box. To save on battery costs, buy 1 pack of AA rechargeable batteries and have them charging for awesome run times.
  • The Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Rock Ripper Truck - 2.4GHz has a top speed of 15km/h

The Rusco Racing RC 1:16 Rock Ripper Truck - 2.4GHz is an awesome RC packed with high priced features, at an affordable price.

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