Sky-Watcher Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control




The Sky-Watcher Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control is handy device that automatically controls your telescope’s SyncScan mount and guides you through a tour of the night sky. It’s database contains numerous coordinates for different celestial bodies and it can also function as a media player. It is easy to operate having both touch screen and regular button controls. Get the Sky-Watcher Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control and start enjoying the most spectacular features of the night sky.


  • Identify over 58,000 Celestial Objects and Constellations
  • Locate Celestial Objects
  • Guided Tour of the Sky
  • Astronomy Encyclopedia
  • Telescope Mount Control
  • Astronomy Events Calendar
  • Ancient Chinese Astrology, Baqua and Fengshui
  • Multimedia and Entertainment Console
  • It can be expanded to include additional functions such as games and GPS navigation, as well as Infrared auto wake-up function.

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