Smart WiFi RGBW LED Strip Lighting Kit

SKU: ST3992



A 5m long RGBW LED strip light that can be controlled from an App on your Android or iOS phone, or from voice commands using your Alexa or Google Assistant. From the comfort of your seat (or from anywhere across the internet) you can easily command the light to adjust for your mood, from a comforting warm colour to cool white for reading. Great for use in an entertainment area or a display case at the office or exhibition space, for example. The App also enables you to dim the brightness and to set up automatic schedules to turn the light on or off at a pre-set time. Family members can be provided access to control the same devices, and multiple lights can be controlled simultaneously. The included double-sided tape backing makes installation easy. 

Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network required. An Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is required for voice functionality. 

- Remote Access
- Voice Control
- Dimmable
- Adjustable colour temperature

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