Wireless Air Mouse Remote With Voice Assist

SKU: AR1976



This wireless remote is an all-in-one mouse, keyboard, microphone, and IR remote control. It is plug-and-play and designed to work with your Smart TV, Projector, Android TV Box, Home Theatre PC, Mini PC, or All-in-one PC. One side of the remote has the controls you see on most remotes such as menu navigation, volume, and channel controls. The other side has a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes it much easier to type compared to using the cumbersome method on a conventional remote. A built-in gyroscope and 3G sensor control a mouse pointer on your screen, an Infrared LED in the front can learn commands so you can retire your other remote controls, and an integrated microphone is compatible with YouTube, Voice Search, and Skype. The remote is rechargeable by USB and is supplied with a mini 2.4GHz receiver dongle with up to 10m range.

- Full QWERTY Keyboard
- Low Operation Current - 30mA
- Low Standby Current - 30µA

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