WISI UHF Phased Array Digital TV UHF Antenna

SKU: 02MM-EE06A-1



  • Matchmaster premium VHF/UHF & Combination antennas
  • suitable for metropolitan & rural areas using VHF
  • UHF or combination broadcasts. Heavy duty construction with ‘F’ type baluns to improve signal quality. Various models can be used in horizontal or vertical broadcast areas. Matchmaster antennas feature built in Low Pass Filters either at 230MHz
  • 652MHz or 694MHz depending on model to prevent 4G (LTE) interference.
    • 694MHz low pass 4G LTE filter
    • Equivalent 40 element phased array style
    • Made in Germany
    • 13.5dB Maximum gain
    • Receives UHF Channels 28-51

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