AMT 1/25 Scale Batman 1989 Batmobile with Resin Batman Figure Kit

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AMT 1/25 Scale Batman 1989 Batmobile with Resin Batman Figure Kit This AMT model kit captures every detail of Batman's iconic vehicle from the turbine engine to computer maintenance panels and authentic dashboard and cockpit. It features optional grappling hook and twin machine guns. It is injected in black plastic with chrome and clear parts with rubber tyres and, for the first time, includes a resin figure of Batman himself. Features: Iconic Batman vehicle Pull out turbine engine, computer access panels, machine guns & grappling hook ALL-NEW resin Batman figure 1/25 Scale / Skill 2 – paint & cement required Moulded in Black, Chrome & Clear The 1989 BATMAN movie re-introduced movie audiences to a more gothic version of the character; the likes of which had never seen before on screen. Tim Burton's interpretation of the mythos returned Batman to his darker noir-ish roots, but as always Batman's arsenal of hardware was a force to be reckoned with. None of which was more impressive than the Anton Furst designed BATMOBILE. Just as iconic was the modern re-design of Batman's costume. Its black leather armor established the hero in the real world and was the perfect look to make Gotham City's criminals to run in fear. Glue and paints are required to assemble. Not included. Available separately. Deluxe Materials Plastic Magic Cement 40ml (AD83): Plastic Magic Cement is a thin, liquid plastic cement with a 10-15 sec adjustment time & non-clog action. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, has minimal odour and almost zero emissions when compared to competitors. Plastic Model Tool Set (PTK1009) contains: Plastic Sprue Cutter - for cutting & snipping sprues and parts on plastic kits, eg. planes, cars, boats, military models and figures, etc. Mini Flat File - for filing and smoothing off burrs or excess material. Craft Knife - for cutting out shapes, decals and general craft/hobby tasks. Self Healing Cutting Mat - protects work surface and extends blade life. 5 spare blades - for craft knife.

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