Dr. Steve Hunters Tar Pits Explorer Slime Dig Kit Saber Tooth Tiger Vs Mammoth

SKU: 042499911047



Not your average dino dig kit! Venture into the ice age and extract prehistoric bones from a slimey tar pit to make your own scientific replicas of a ferocious Sabertooth Tiger and imposing Mammoth. Pull bones out of the tar pit with the paleontologist?s tools to free the remains of these prehistoric rivals trapped in final battle Then assemble into scientific model replicas of Sabertooth Tiger and Mammoth and display on the tar pit base. Each product is authentically designed by expert paleontologist Dr. Stefano Piccini (Dr. Steve) scientifically accurate in scale anatomy posture and proportion. The kit includes everything you need - tar pit slime and base model skeleton bones extraction tool informational poster and detailed instructions.

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