Duncan Toys Yoyo Trick Book 60 Tricks Step by Step Yoyo Instructional by Yoyo Master Steve Brown

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Duncan Yoyo Trick Book Is Often Referred To As A Yoyo Instructional That Is Easy To Understand And Provides Maximum Clarity About Each Trickafrom Classic Tricks To Those Who Gained Popularity Recently The Stepbystep Descriptions Help Yoyo Enthusiasts Under A Trick In A Simple Way Yoyoing Expertise Of The Writer National Yoyo Master Steve Brown Is Clearly Visible The Book Contains Some Essential Tricks That Every Yoyo Players Should Know This Instructional Yoyoing Book Explains The More Advanced Tricks That Usually Only Seasoned Yoyo Players Know About There Are Many Advanced Tricks For Professional Yoyoers This Trick Learning Book Can Be The Perfect Gift For Anyone You Know Takes Yoyoing Seriously And Wants To Get Better At It The Duncan Yoyo Trick Book Features Over 60 Tricks Including A Bonus Counterweight Trick Section Follow Step By Step Fun To Read And Easy To Follow Trick Descriptions And Illustrations As Written By National Yoyo Master Steve Brown And Illustrated By Master Artist Li Shyu SKU:TOYSGB000H6HA96.

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