Hordes Skorne Bundle



These items have been heavily discounted for this bundle, as they are old stock. Most boxes will have some marks on them.

Items are sold as a bundle.


1x Skorne Hakaar The Destroyer Solo - PIP74050

2x Skorne Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer - PIP74043

1x Skorne Warbeast Pack - PIP74084

1x Skorne Extoller Advocate Unit Attachment - PIP74090

1x Skorne Battlegroup 2016 - PIP74095

1x Skorne Xerxis Fury of Halaak - PIP74082

1x Skorne Desert Hydra Gargantuan - PIP74086

1x Skorne Extreme Titan Galdiator - PIP74093

1x Skorne Despoiler - PIP74076

1x Skorne Titan Gladiator - PIP74057

1x Skorne Tiberion Heavy Warbeast - PIP74097

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