Makerzoid Robot Master Premium 200 In 1 Set

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Makerzoid kits are a fantastic introduction to coding and inventing for kits with parts that are compatible with big brand name building blocks. Programmable using Scratch, kids can have the flexibility of designing and coding their own project, or taking on many of the included designs. All parts and booklets are housed in storage containers making it very parent friendly with lots of replayability for kids as they age and level up their skills.

This Robot Master sets is a perfect introduction into developing kids' coding and self-learning skills. Through the ability to build of up to 200 different robotic projects from simple to complex, kids are able to progress their STEM skills up with staged lessons. Each set contains hundreds of blocks, plus multifunction sensors, programmable motor and host controller. Develop their imagination and thinking skills through customisable projects. Concepts such as transmission, gearing, mechanical movement, along with Scratch programming used in Australian Schools are all core to the Makerzoid Robot Master sets.

The Makerzoid app provides highly detailed illustrative building instructions for each project making it easy for kids to follow along step by step. Also included is a Scratch coding screen, plus Bluetooth device control for your project. The kit and accompanying app, provides 47 robotic build courses separated into 3 skill levels, making it perfect for both home learning and classroom use.

For those looking for something more simpler we starting with the Makerzoid Robot Master Standard 100 In 1 Set The building blocks included are compatible for connection to other major brands of block. Includes storage box.

Build more than 200 robots from simple to complex, which contains a lot of robot knowledge such as machinery, gears, structure, transmission, etc.
Both Children and parents will enjoy the fun of building a robot and making a programming for it.
Helps develop children's mind, DIY and logical thinking ability.
Set is equipped with 47 robotics courses for kids to learn how to build, control and code at home while playing with this toy set.
Incorporates 2 integrated motors and 2 IR sensors (batteries NOT included) to allow for intelligent, smooth moving robotic projects
Allows kids to explore grow their imaginations by building and creating projects by themselves
With the Makerzoid App from App Store and Google Play, kids can assemble the robots easily through the graphic instructions and control the motorized robot to move in all directions with the robotics kit.
Available through the free app, Scratch 3.0 reduces the difficulty of coding - just to drop a few orders into the "Coding" section then the robot can react on your demand.
The set is packed in a big storage box to help children develop a good habit of packing and collecting their own toys. And the sorting plate will be less time-consuming because kids could organize the building blocks based on the colour and size.

Information for schools.
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