MICRON Sealed Lead Acid Gel Cell AGM 12V Battery Tester

SKU: 9321758152539



Provides a quick and easy verification of battery condition for 12 Volt sealed lead acid (SLA), wet cells, gel cell and AGM?batteries. Once the croc clip test leads are connected, battery capacity can be selected (between 5Ah and 80Ah) and a 20A test load is applied. In the event that voltage drops off once load is applied, a reading of ‘insufficient charge’ or ‘defective cell’ is returned. IMPORTANT NOTE: This device must ONLY be used ONCE IN A 5 MINUTE PERIOD. Whilst under “Test” intense heat is generated internally due to the high load applied to the battery. More frequent use than this will create extreme heat which will eventually cause failure. Features Reverse polarity protection Capacity selection 5Ah-80Ah Voltage display Three status LEDs One-touch load testing Powered by battery being tested Warranty Shop with confidence, this item comes with 1 Year WARRANTY.

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