Twin Screen Portable DVD LENOXX

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TWIN SCREEN PORTABLE DVD Double your entertainment. We all remember piling into the back-seat of the family car, toiling with our siblings for our space and playing 'eye-spy' until the weariest gives in. Our 10.1-inch, dual in-car DVD players have arrived to take the pain out of entertaining on those longer rides. Car trips can be long - but they can feel like an eternity when our 'back-seat drivers' start getting restless. These twin screens are compatible with a range of formats, with a huge variety of ways to enjoy your choice of film, music and images. Whether you want to explore your digital library via USB, SD and MMC ports, or enjoy DVDs and CDs across all regions, our premium dual-screens will provide hours of entertainment. A convenient head phone jack lets peace and quiet reign, while twin, 2-Watt powered speakers can offer an immersive experience for the back-seat viewers out in the open. Its 1.5-metre car adaptor makes keeping these units charged a breeze, so no 'low battery' signs can interrupt their experience. But if the volume becomes an issue, an easy-to-use remote is provided for total control over the units. Car rides can become twice the fun, with our dual screen, in-car DVD players. PACKAGE CONTENT 1 x Twin Screen Portable DVD.

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