USB Mini LED Touch Light - 3 Pack

SKU: 9319236744888



Featuring 6 tiny LEDs, these little lights are about the size of a USB flash drive, but have a touch-controlled light! Plug them in to computers, wall sockets with USB, and anything else you have with a USB outlet! Simply touch to activate on / off, or touch and hold for dimming. Sold in packs of three, because you’ll never want just one! Features: - Touch control – ON/OFF (quick touch), Dimming (Continuous) - With smart touch electrodeless dimming switch - Double USB design, both sides can be used as plug - Compatible with all standard USB devices such as power banks, mobile chargers, computers or laptops, etc Specifications Light Rating Lumens : 120.0lm LED Power : 1.0W Width : 13.0mm Height : 5.0mm Depth : 43.0mm Weight : 3.0g.

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