Prospecting and Fossicking in Tasmania are for recreational or educational purposes.

These activities are for anyone interested in collecting samples of natural minerals. Tasmania has many areas in which a diverse range of rock and mineral specimens may be discovered.

We offer training days where you can come along and learn how to get the most out of your detector, talk to other enthusiasts and improve your skills.

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Minelab Training Day

Please register your interest with us today.

What to expect:

Arrive at the nominated location.

Sign in with our coordinator.

Meet with the other attendees

The Training:

Setting up your detector

Getting to know your detector

Detecting techniques and etiquette

Practicing learned techniques

MRT Maps and Where you can detect in Tasmania

*Please note you will need to bring along your own metal detector to the training session.

*Please check weather report and wear appropriate clothing.

*Please bring drinking water.

*We will have a first aider on site for your safety.

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